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Don’t Let Frigid Weather Keep You from Selling Your Home

Posted by Sherry Walker // March 6, 2019

Nobody wants to go to an open house in the fall or winter. It’s cold outside, and they’d rather wait for spring to roll around before they go looking at property. … Actually, that’s not true, just the like the myth that putting your place on the market during the colder months nets you less […]

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Secrets of Top Real Estate Websites

Posted by Sherry Walker // November 27, 2018

These days a potential client’s first point of contact with you is no longer a phone call. It’s your website. It’s the first place your prospective clients look at to learn about you and what you can offer.  This means that making a good first impression on your website is non-negotiable! Want to know how […]

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Sell Your House During the Holidays

Posted by Sherry Walker // November 13, 2018

Here’s Why:   We can bet you hardly know anyone who has listed their homes for sale during the holidays. It isn’t a popular time to simply put big assets for sale.  But there are really great reasons for doing so.  Here’s why.   People buy before the end of the year for tax purposes. […]

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