Don’t Let Frigid Weather Keep You from Selling Your Home

Don’t Let Frigid Weather Keep You from Selling Your Home

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Nobody wants to go to an open house in the fall or winter. It’s cold outside, and they’d rather wait for spring to roll around before they go looking at property.

… Actually, that’s not true, just the like the myth that putting your place on the market during the colder months nets you less return on investment than if you did it in April or May. However, there are a few tactics that ensure a quicker sale when the mercury starts to plummet, and by adopting them, you’ll be able to plan your relocation sooner while laughing in the face of the naysayers.

Ready to learn the secrets to success? Here they are.


Add Seasonal Curb Appeal

Invite potential buyers inside with a bright door. Putting a fresh coat of paint in yellow or orange creates a sense of warmth that draws people in, even if they’re just driving by or walking down the sidewalk. That effect is amplified with the addition of a few potted plants that stay green and vibrant in the fall and winter, such as juniper and holly.


De-clutter to Expand the Space

Your realtor will make this point very clear when you start implementing plans to sell your house, but decluttering is an important step. Removing clutter and items you can temporarily do without makes it easier for buyers to envision themselves living in your home. Once you assess what can be put away, make a point to pack things safely and in an organized fashion so you won’t be scratching your head once the big move comes later. Certain things like knives and dinnerware will need specific packing methods, so look for some quick how-to videos to avoid injury or damage when unpacking later.


Keep Paths Clear

Not only will this keep potential visitors safe as they enter, it will also highlight the beauty of the landscape that surrounds the house while giving the overall impression of a well-maintained property. All you need do is pick up that shovel and clear the snow off the driveway and paths, or sweep away the leaves if it’s earlier in the season.


Liven Up the Patio

This part of the home is often neglected as the warmth of summer fades. That’s a shame, because with the right touches, you can rekindle some of that joy and festivity. Nothing works better than some stylish DIY leaf art and window boxes that capture the eyes of visitors while inspiring a sense of comfort.


Light It Up Right

There’s less light filtering in through the windows as the sun sets earlier in the day and is often blocked by gray clouds. That’s a problem easily fixed through well-placed lighting that creates a soft, ambient glow in each room of the house. Low-hung pendants achieve the desired effect in the bedrooms, whereas wall-mounted lamps work well in the living room.


Turn On the Heat


If a potential buyer feels a chill as they tour the interior of your home, they’re going to want to head right out of there. Ensure that doesn’t happen by turning up the heat. The additional warmth will encourage the emotional connection that’s so important to getting a resounding “yes” to your property.


Lay Down the Decor

Here’s a simple gesture that creates a homey feel to the interior and works wonders anytime of the year, but especially when it’s cold outside. Like many of the other tips, this is all about making people feel warm and cozy, and layering with rugs, throws and cushions does precisely that, according to Elle Decor.


Put on a Special Staging

If you’re going to put this much effort into your exterior and interior, go all in by altering your home so it’s exactly where buyers want to imagine themselves living. That requires a thorough decluttering to create more space while replacing tattered upholstery and fabrics, preferably with colors that feel warm and cozy.


Once you’ve made these moves, buyers will have a hard time saying “no” to such an inviting home, and they’ll be willing to pay some serious cash to move in. Before too long, you’ll be packing up and settling into your next home ownership adventure.


Article by Bret Engle

Photo by Sam Beasley on Unsplash

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