Must-Have Apps for Real Estate Agents

Must-Have Apps for Real Estate Agents

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The internet literally puts the world at your fingertips.  Who would’ve thought that your tiny fits-in-your-pocket phone now functions as a phone, camera, radio, word processor, voice recorder, note taker, schedule diary, e-book, photocopying machine, and flashlight?

Indeed, technology is amazing.  The apps that have sprouted here and there, more so. When it comes to productivity, apps have been more than helpful.  If you’re a real estate agent (or an aspiring one), here’s what you should have in your app arsenal to keep you organized and in-the-know.


Dropbox (Access your files anywhere, from any computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet). Realtors never run out of paperwork and documentation.  The key to organizing your files is to digitize and upload to Dropbox.  This allows you to access and edit documents on any device.  You may even share files, documents, and folders with a client.


Evernote (A digital notepad that allows you to capture, organize, and share notes with anyone). It is great at decluttering. The best part?  It allows you to store information indefinitely. Say, you suddenly need to access meeting notes you took five years ago?  Or have to store important information across several categories.  Evernote lets you store such salient information easily.


Magisto (An app that allows you to make impressive social videos in minutes). The real estate industry is a sensory industry.  A great pricing scheme just won’t close a sale.  The place has to look and feel right. What better way to give them a first great impression than a video walkthrough?

Magisto is an app that makes doing that really quick and easy.  Just point, shoot, and upload.  You have numerous themes to choose from. You can even combine photos and images creatively. You get a professional-looking video at a touch of a button (literally!). #1 tip from our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Experts.  Get specific with your video. Focus on a neighborhood.  And add a 500 to 700-word content to support your video clip.

… then prepare for a barrage of traffic via Google.


DocuSign (Allows you to gather the proper signatures quickly). It helps you complete signatures, approvals, and agreements quickly, anywhere. You can say goodbye to waiting hours or even days).  Its fast, secure and works seamlessly by allowing you to easily upload and send documents for signing.  You can even send reminders and check signing status anytime.


Canva – Canva is a great graphic design app for creating presentations that engage. It covers pretty much everything from flyers to posters, invitations, letterheads, invoices, labels, logos, magazine covers, media kits, web ads, and many more.  It’s easy to use and comes with thousands of designs and photos (some free) to choose from.


Full-time real estate agents are BUSY. Busier, if they work on a part-time basis with another job or two on the side.  With these top 5 productivity apps, you free up time for tasks that matter the most to real estate agents – meeting new clients, viewing properties, and closing deals.

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