Secrets of Top Real Estate Websites

Secrets of Top Real Estate Websites

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These days a potential client’s first point of contact with you is no longer a phone call.

It’s your website.

It’s the first place your prospective clients look at to learn about you and what you can offer.  This means that making a good first impression on your website is non-negotiable!

Want to know how to impress your prospects and turn them into serious buyers through your website?

Check out these tips.

  1. Wow them with great photos! Images speak volumes!  A visually appealing website draws visitors and encourages prospective buyers to spend time browsing through your pages.  Instead of piling up blocks and blocks of text, persuade viewers through great photos.  Capture the properties’ best angles. Compose the photo in a way that lessens distracting elements.


  1. Make your website easy to navigate. The best deals won’t mean much if buyers find your website difficult to navigate.  It’s preposterous to think that eager buyers would spend time trying to learn how your webpages So label your pages properly and organize your website’s layout so features are easily accessible. While you’re at this, make sure that your website is viewable by desktop, laptop, and smartphone.  People do a lot of searching via smart phones and tablets.  You want everyone to have a positive experience when they browse through your page whichever device they use.


  1. It isn’t just about the property. A home buyer will want to have a taste of what it’s like to live in such a community.  So provide a lot of helpful information.  Present yourself as the expert because when you provide the information they need, they aren’t likely to search for another real estate agent. Consider including a blog.  Share valuable advice about that neighborhood. One post that earned a lot of hits included a breakdown of the “musts” before moving to that particular city.  Suggestions include schools nearby, average prices of houses, the rental scene, or the nature of employment in that area.


  1. Add a video. A moving picture lends a different tone to your website because viewers get to “see” and “hear” a real person.  Anybody can upload gorgeous pictures and useful content.  But engaging videos are a class on its own.   Make yours informative, but ultimately interesting and fun.


  1. Be relevant. Now sometimes your prospective buyers don’t intend to make their purchase immediately. But they want to see what’s out there anyway.  To be relevant to these groups, consider providing subscriptions and consistently add engaging content to your website.   When your content contains keywords that potential buyers type into Google search, you’re on your way to getting them to your site and business. One way to capture these leads is to offer valuation quotes, guides, checklists, and other relevant information in exchange for their names, property requirements, and contact details. You want the interested leads to become serious buyers in the near future.


To top it all off, toot your horn. Now’s not the time to downplay your credentials. Encourage past clients to post positive reviews on your site.  At least 50% of serious buyers take real estate reviews into consideration when evaluating agents.  So place these reviews where your leads can see them easily – front and center.

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