Sell Your House During the Holidays

Sell Your House During the Holidays

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Here’s Why:


We can bet you hardly know anyone who has listed their homes for sale during the holidays.

It isn’t a popular time to simply put big assets for sale.  But there are really great reasons for doing so.  Here’s why.


People buy before the end of the year for tax purposes.

A good number of buyers purchase homes for tax reasons.  It benefits them to buy a home and have that written off.  It is also beneficial for sellers for the same reason


Less Competition

Builders slow down towards the end of the year because they don’t want to bring old inventory through to the new year.  Sellers, on the other hand, think that the holidays is a bad time for listing their homes for sale.  But this is actually a good time because you are most likely to haggle for lower material prices.  And since it’s a buyers’ market at this time of year, you’re in a better position to bargain.


Buyers who want to move in during the holidays tend to be more serious

The holidays are a frenzy for anyone.  When buyers carve out time in between home showings, school recitals, Christmas gatherings and shopping trips, you know they’re serious prospects.  At this time of year, buyers who look into homes NEED to move, instead of just wanting to move.  They are also most likely to be pre-qualified.


A new job, transfers or promotions take place at the beginning of the year

Big job decisions usually happen towards the end of the year. So expect life changes to take place in January.  You want to get your house listed while people come into town and there too many houses listed.


Buyers looking into a home during the holidays are more likely to have emotional attachment

Emotions, good vibes, and “feel” are huge factors when purchasing a home. It is, after all a huge investment.  You aren’t just putting in time and money.  You are moving your life and family to a new place. Buying a home is an emotional experience for many.  So decorations that enhance a lived-in, comfortable feel, will definitely help.



Some tips to sell your home during the holidays

  • Seek out motived buyers by working with an agent. Ask your agent to target buyers with a deadline. Include people who are: relocating because of a job; investors who are beating a tax deadline; or military personnel.
  • Price to sell. A reasonably priced home will always motivate any buyer.
  • Up your curb appeal. Maintaining your home’s exteriors is important.  Touch up the paint, clean gutters and spruce up your yard.  When putting up a showing, keep your buyer’s safety in mind by clearing your walkways from leaves, debris, snow, and ice.
  • Take great photos. When the weather outside is frightful, browsing through the net becomes even more delightful.  Get that first good impression by posting flattering, high-quality photos of your house.  Include a summer and spring photo so buyers could imagine (and fantasize) how beautiful your home looks at other times of the year.


So rest easy listing your home outside the spring and summer months.  Take advantage of the unique characteristics that the holidays bring.

Remember, the jolly months provide less competition.  It is able to bring in motivated and serious buyers. Best of all, your home looks great this time of year!

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